Your search for results based Pay Per Click (SEM/PPC) services stops here. Crown Media Tech is serving Florida, and select US cities.

We know what it’s like to feel frustrated with digital marketing info overload and no clear roadmap. Worse, missing out on business to your competitors who outperform you on Google Ads (SEM services) for keywords your target audience are currently searching for. Stop melting your credit card!


Crown Media Teach has set out to create results driven SEM/PPC campaigns that deliver confidence and make you feel in control. When you employ our sound SEM/PPC methodology and start outranking the competition for high value keywords, you will go from amateur marketer to the business master people look up to.

The process is simple:

FREE analysis & SEM/PPC strategy session

Set baseline, budget & SEM/PPC roadmap

Full tracking, performance dashboard & SEM results

SEM/PPC Dashboard & Results


"Thanks guys, that was the easiest process in the world. Glad I called you."
DBLinkedIn Club
"Mike Ferrari is the consummate marketing expert who gladly accepted the business development effort, digital marketing programs, as if he had three titles of expertise. Mike has bright acumen in dealing with complex issues and creates a systematic approach to problem-solving with his action steps. Mike is a marketing expert and has an upbeat, optimistic attitude even when under deadlines that seemed practically impossible."
Mike ASA
"I’ve worked with Michael Ferrari over the past 2 years on a mutual clients business growth and marketing efforts. Michael’s digital marketing and business development knowledge has been an integral component in achieving our clients business growth goals."
"Can't believe how above and beyond you guys have gone. CMT team is continually suggesting ways to grow the business. The website development process was seamless from start to finish; and hit deadlines. Don't have to worry about anything."

What is holding you back from outperforming your competition on Google & Bing?

Transform your targeting efforts with a paid search SEM/PPC campaign through Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. Find your optimal audience and remarket to them after driving traffic to your site. Learn your best keywords to complement your organic SEO campaign efforts. Make sure you are optimizing the RIGHT keywords that attract the BEST customers. Make data-driven decision with full tracking and analytics.