SEO Ideas for Businesses on a Budget

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SEO ideas for businesses on a budget



A poorly optimized webpage can result in a low website ranking and a feeling of frustration. It can be challenging for small businesses to grasp the best practices for search engine optimization, especially when they are just starting out.

Fortunately, small companies can optimize their websites even if they are on a small budget provided they know what to do and are willing to put in the time.

Please read below to find effective SEO ideas for small businesses to obtain serious ROI.


Target Keywords 


Along with creating a variety of good content, it is important to come up with keywords that target your audience and their needs. Well-written content without the usage of appropriate keywords cancels out its quality. Additionally, it is important to research what keywords are likely to rank easier by determining the keyword difficulty (KD).

Let’s explain things with an example. For instance, if you are into the solar screens business, don’t use general keywords like, ‘solar screens’ or ‘solar screens for windows’. Generic terms like these can be competitive and decreases your chances of showing up in the Google search results.

Instead, think about what your potential customers will type when searching for solar sunscreens. Use more specified keywords, like, ‘affordable solar screens’. You can also mention the region from where you operate to filter out search results. For example: Affordable Solar Screens in Florida. This will not only be easier to rank for, it will be more targeted for local search. SEMRush and Google Ads keyword planner are a couple tools online that make keyword research quick and easy.


Meta Descriptions 


Meta description is the short description that appears in the search results. They are used to describe what the content is about in a short and precise way.

Meta descriptions make a great impact on SEO as it concisely states the purpose of your website or webpage. A good tip to follow here is to avoid using clickbait descriptions that keeps your audience away from visiting your page again.

Another good tip is to use the target keyword within the first sentence of the meta description. Additionally, make sure to keep it clear and simple within the standard limit of 125 characters.


Title tags 


Title and title tags are a very important part of SEO as it can greatly affect website rankings. When you come up with a title for an article make sure it isn’t too long and does not contain more than 55 characters. The length of the title is an important aspect. Titles that are too short have a chance of not providing enough information for the readers. Titles are the first thing that appears on the search page and should give a clear message to your audience with a call to action.


Headings or H1 & H2’s 


Another important factor with on-page SEO are your contents headings, or H1 and H2’s. These are headings throughout your page text that tell Google or Bing what the page contains and how important the specific content is. It works as a hierarchy, H1’s are more highly weighted than H2’s and H3’s etc. The more you tie in your target keywords with heading tags, the more relevant your page will be for those targeted keywords. Naturally, quality is the most important factor than stuffing keywords into your heading, but put them in when it makes sense.

If your content is structure correctly on the site and you are delivering value, you will be off to a great start. For example, this content block is broken up with a heading that tells google what THIS paragraph is about; in this case “heading’s”. This leads to my next SEO ranking factor for small businesses, structured data.


Structured Data


Structured data or JSON-LD is a language used to normalize data on the web. When you utilize structured data on your site you are more accurately telling google what every the website and its pages are about. You can find more details about the syntax or structured data and JSON-LD at

This particular technique is a bit more complex, however it is what can separate you from your competition. Moreover, you can implement it with plugins on WordPress if you are not looking to start messing with your sites code.


Optimized Images


Image optimization is integral to SEO strategy.  Search engines can’t detect the images. In order to optimize images on your website, make sure to include the meta details with relevant keywords. The image tags contain the words that appear when you scroll the image. Do include Alt tags as well, which help explain the image when it’s not downloading because of a poor internet connection.

Include file name to provide specific context. It helps to relate the image with the other content of the page. By optimizing images with your content, your website will rank better in the SERPs.


Quality Backlinks


Backlinks is a significant part of a solid SEO strategy, but you need to be very careful when using them. Not all links are good backlinks. Poor backlinks from irrelevant pages or spam websites can be detrimental to your SEO rankings. To tackle this, there are a few tools that can fix bad backlinks like MajesticSEO.

Best practice is to obtain high quality backlinks from industry specific sources. When a trusted authority (high Domain Authority/DA) website is linking back to your site, Google gives preferential treatment in the SERPs.

Follow these SEO ideas for small businesses and stay on top of your game. If you are in interested in discussing other SEO strategies that fit to your specific situation, please set a SEO strategy session here. We look forward to geeking out with you and delivering serious value!



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