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5 Reasons You Need New Content for Your Business Page

For any new business there are several reasons you need new content for your website. Essentially, it is important that the target audience has an online resource to view the company’s available products and services. Setting up new content for your website to promote your company is just the first step to ensure success in the marketplace. It’s important to consistently provide new content. Not only your current customers but also the future customer base that have yet to be generated.

Components of New Content for Your Business Page:

  • Promote your company through new content marketing
  • How to increase your searchability for your target market and visibility
  • Become a trusted resource and increase your traffic and ranking
  • How to increase engagement metrics and new link growth
  • Increase brand recognition and loyal lifetime customers


Here are 5 reasons new content for your business page is essential:


Promotion without Selling Yourself

People subscribe to a company blog or follow an organization’s social media profile. This is because they value your company and the information you are providing. Consumers are looking for special offers, educational information, promotions, and more. Your services and products are a valuable source for the ideal audience, but consumers have concerns beyond these.

New Content marketing allows you to provide value beyond the products and services. However, you need to provide customers with a reason to pay attention to specifically your company. The reason why customers buy initially is because they are in a less desirable state. Another possibility is that they are unsatisfied with the current product they are utilizing and are looking for alternatives options.

This is where your can make the buyer aware that there are solutions to their problems. It is important to understand a consumer’s wants, needs, and problems. You can offer a solution before the question is asked- thus anticipating the consumer’s needs.


Contract and Compare, promote without selling yourself


To reach a variety of demographics it is important to provide information about your organization in an assortment of ways:
  • Educational articles that provide solutions to common questions.
  • Create engaging content through social media outlets to reach additional audiences.
  • Contrast and compare between your company and a competitor. Since potential customers would take this step in their purchase process; you need to anticipate this step, in advance. Therefore, you are helping potential consumers save time in the long run.
  • Site potential objections customers may have pertaining to your products or services and then provide counter solutions to these objections.
  • New promotions that encourage future purchases, such as signing up for a yearly subscription to obtain a deeply discounted rate structure. (Digitalmarketer)


Boost organic search visibility


Boosts Organic Search Visibility

It’s important that people see the content an organization produces. Some key elements that are factored in for search results include: quality, relevance to the topic, and functional back-links. Quality over quantity is important to keep in mind. Consumers would rather read intriguing blog articles that address important issues. This will enable them to save time, reduce risk and cost, simplify an operational process, and organize their business more strategically.

You should provide relevant or compelling content within your business page or social media platforms. This enables you to further draw in and engage the ideal audience. Producing effective new content that is audience focused will cause the readers to spend more time on your website instead of quickly moving to other sites. Google recognizes this viewing and will then increase your website visibility.  Google will also identify if your website is shared on social media networks; which will further enhance visibility. (Forbes.com)

Provide your audience with information whether it is based educationally, inspirational, or relevancy. It is important to incorporate accurate and functional back-links within the content. This will further enable the audience to draw upon additional resources that you have utilized from sources with high authority. This will enable your target market to ascertain additional information and increase organic search visibility.

3. Content is a Lead Magnet for Growing Businesses

Content is a Lead Magnet for Growing Businesses

Providing your target audience with persuasive and educational content helps your website traffic. Your website can then become a trusted resource, increases traffic, and visibility. If you produce quality content consistently then there will be a direct correlation to an increase in the number of leads generated. The right type of content attracts new customers with a large lead magnet, a company can capture even more leads.


There are several content options, which can be routinely updated with new audience focused data, including:
  • Podcasts can be entertaining or inspiring, but it is essential to provide relevant information to your audience, and to conduct these consistently.
  • Videos can accommodate any budget and skill level. They are engaging and informative to the ideal audience. Moreover, these can be utilized for social media marketing or paid advertisements.
  • Blog posts allow business owners to solicit knowledgeable writers to submit relevant articles to your site. This will further engage your target audience as well as increase visibility and traffic.
  • Email newsletters provide value focused content and incorporate new promotions or sales opportunities for consumers.
  • E-books can include an ultimate guide, content strategy pages, and marketing campaigns to captivate various market segments. (Digitalmarketer)


Keeps Your Page Fresh and Relevant

Whether the website was created 10 years ago or 6 months ago, it is important to continue to make updates that are consist with the brand your company has developed. This will allow your website to be more easily recognizable by current and potential consumers. Consistency is key because a cohesive look helps to tell the story of your company and makes the business page memorable.

These tactics can be utilized across social media channels to drive further brand awareness and make the brand more discernible. Connecting with customers through the company site or media channels ensures that there is a well developed and consist voice. (Digitalmarketer)

Providing persuasive content will serve to drive more traffic to your social media channels. This in turn will connect them to your business page. If the ideal audience is truly engaged, they will share your content. This can be done through social media channels which will drive more traffic to your business page.

Moreover, if an older blog posting was well received it is important to make some changes to the core content. Companies can then re-post the blog to gain more momentum and direct traffic to your business page. Additionally, incorporating fresh content through blogs and back-links will help increase site traffic. Google will then associate your business page as trustworthy and authoritative, which increase rankings.

The freshness of your content is determined by a number of factors, such as:
  • When it was first created.
  • How often the content is changed or updated.
  • Traffic and engagement metrics.
  • The rate of new link growth to the content.
  • Changes to the core context of that content.


Improves Trust and Communication with Customers 

How do you ensure that leads with customers are nurtured…. with audience focused content marketing! Content is essential to gaining the ideal consumer’s trust. As trust is gained, the customers will be more willing to share the your content and look for future postings.

As your content is seen and shared frequently, company brand engagement will also improve. Your personalized content helps build the brand’s name and the value. This engagement and exposure will increase brand recognition, turning prospective customers into loyal customers.

Your business will naturally benefit from more traffic, which will come primarily from new content. Additionally, content marking is not costly, and serves to further generate traffic and leads. When an organization is a reliable source of information, the company brand will gain popularity. Soon thereafter your will have brand loyal customers with the opportunity to gain more exposure.


Connect with a CMT content marketing expert today to develop a tactical and concise content approach to your business strategy!

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