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Whether one has a small, online business or a major corporation, online exposure to further develop the brand and website traffic is always at the forefront of one’s mind.
There is a domino effect in place, one must first understand the primary target audience that would most benefit from the products and services that an organization offers.

Understanding one’s target audience will enable an organization to provide these consumers with content that will further intrigue and engage them. The consumers will then want to learn more about one’s organization and how certain products or services can remedy their issue at hand. The more time the target audience spends on a company’s website, increases the probability of making an initial purchase and future purchases.


Key Components to Increase Website Traffic and Boost Your SEO Ranking:

  • Mobile friendliness and accessibility
  • How Google perceives website value
  • Content that attracts the most website traffic
  • User based features that will increase Google site ranking
  • Metric that are most beneficial to measure change and alter ranking
  • Optimize quality keywords and phrases to increase site traffic
  • Positive impact of SEO through high quality back-links
  • Importance of audience focused content and how it affects your SEO ranking


Here are important factors to incorporate into one’s organizational marketing strategy to increase site traffic and boost one’s SEO Ranking:

Mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness in Increase Website Traffic

Ensure the organization’s content and website can easily and quickly load on the user’s mobile device. Web pages need to load properly. This is so that the target audience can effortlessly obtain the search criteria in the most efficient manner.


Analysis of a website’s perceived value and Increase SEO ranking

Google has determined that one’s company website contains content pertinent to users and provides value. However, there may be a gap between the traffic that a company is currently attracting and the type of traffic that was initially anticipated. To ensure this gap continues to close and the site traffic increases, the company must have a clear understanding of the intent of the visitors and what particular content is enticing the users to proceed. Moreover, the one of the most important questions to ask is: has the website enabled users to complete their task at hand? (

dwell time

Usage data (dwell time). When organization receives more traffic, they can have a better understanding of what users are researching.

It is important to identify what pages or content are already performing at a higher level with good, quality content. Identify which pages are not performing to the initially anticipated level. One should then rework the targeted keyword phrases and re-evaluate the content to ensure that it is relevant to the target audience. Ensure that the text within each page includes high quality content that allows users to easily understand the purpose of the page. Focus on improving the user’s experience by solving their problem with efficient and quick access to applicable information. From there you can direct them to the relevant products and services to remedy their issues and thus, complete the task at hand. (


Optimize the quality keywords and phrases. These help users to more easily discover one’s website based on certain keywords that are utilized throughout one’s website.

Conduct keyword research and get to know the target market. Select high volume, low competition phrases to incorporate. Build content around topics and keywords/keyword phases. Incorporate long tail keywords. Review SEO signals to rank higher content based on keywords.


Certain keywords that are implemented throughout the content of one’s site will serve to drive more traffic to the site. They will in turn generate leads, which can then grow into increased sales and ROI.

Keywords should be utilized in headings, URLs, titles, and subtitles. Keywords should also be incorporated into the content while keeping it engaging to the ideal consumer.

There are several benefits to keyword optimization including:

      • Improve qualified traffic to one’s website.
      • Increase ranking in various search engines.
      • Obtain a more thorough understanding of you target audience.
      • Increase one’s client list and thus your ROI.
      • Other company’s will link to your content through backlinks.
      • Uncover new market segments since the company website will be resourceful and efficient. Thus, easier to locate since the site will be ranking at the top of more search queries. (


Utilize back-links. These are implemented when a website links to another website. Back-links are important because they increase SEO ranking and traffic to one’s website.

These are essential since high quality back-links will have a positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO) as well as the online ranking. “Google brings the average website 50% of their total online traffic, whether that’s paid or organic traffic.” ( Back-links also communicate to search engines. It demonstrates that an organization’s content is relevant to users as well as authoritative and credible to your industry. The Do-follow back-links enable various search engines to follow the link directly to your organization’s website. However, the No-follow back-links contribute to one’s search engine. They awareness of one’s brand as they are viewed by Google as “hints” when calculating page ranking.


Create content to connect to one’s audience, move them through the sales funnel, and become a consumer.

Content needs to be easy to share through various social media channels. Verbiage should be concise so to enable other businesses to link to your website and share it across various platforms. Compile relevant content, high-quality and informative articles that are engaging to one’s audience to ensure one’s ranking remains at the top of future search results. (


Use this checklist to make certain all action items have been completed. This in turn will serve to drive more traffic to one’s website as well as increase the overall ranking in search engines.

By providing consistent and valuable content to consumers through various avenues will ensure that these consumers continue to see your content and become advocates of your products through sharing or posting via social media channels. As an organization’s SEO ranking increases, other businesses will view your content as the authority and in turn will utilize your content through backlinks which will also move one’s listing further up the page in future searches. The more often one’s company website is listed within the target audience’s queries and towards the top of the page will further increase site traffic and online exposure.

Connect with a CMT content marketing expert today to create target audience focused content that will further enhance your marketing strategy and attract more website traffic!


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