How to Execute Content Marketing

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how to execute content marketing



Content marketing personifies one’s organization and engages with one’s primary target market to better understand the value of your products or services. The power of a high impact content strategy works to not only attract and retain clientele but more importantly to drive profitable actions within the markets targeted. Additionally, content marketing helps to further develop new consumer segments. There are several components that are essential to understand when creating quality content in order to influence and captivate your target market.


Six components pertaining to the execution of content marketing:

1. Attitude- create content that will excite and delight the buyer- thought provoking is key.

2.Approach- consistent content across all marketing platforms and anticipate the intent of your customers. You can then customize your content to fit their needs, as well as create content to help your audience make informed buying decisions.

3.Goals- you want your users to view you as the authority and help your customers to get the most out of their purchase.

4.Strategy- assemble lifetime customers from which referrals can be generated and increase retention.

5.Tactics- leverage awareness content. This can be educationally based with interviews or news articles, inspirational quotes or pictures or previews of upcoming new products. Provide engaging questions for your audience as well as problem/resolution oriented content- all of which will help to further create value for the consumer.

6.Execution- review your performance metrics to understand which tactics were most successful. From there you can contour your content around your successes. This is where you can look for opportunities to pursue new clients and convert them to lifetime customers.



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Principal attributes of quality content include:

  • Findable: is your content easy to ascertain through general online search queries?
  • Memorable: what differentiates your content from your competitors?
  • Shareable: is the content user friendly as to enable your customers to share with their associates?
  • Readable: is your content engaging to your customers?
  • Useable: what value does it bring your client base? Educational? Entertaining? Influential?
  • Quotable: does this content establish your brand as the authority and/or provide educational data?
  • Actionable: is your content persuasive and supports your prospective customer in making an informed buying decision?

Follow these steps to fine tune your process to better executive your content marketing strategy:  


Research Your Audience 

Quality content ultimately drives traffic, engagement, and Google search rankings. It is essential to understand not only who will view the organization’s content but also who will be inclined to interact as well. Effective content is captivating which provokes one’s ideal audience to become involved, contribute their insights, and provide informative feedback. Understand what the ideal customer is researching before they make a purchase. Truly effective content will connect with the audiences’ interests and address their pain points.  This will encourage them to share through re-tweets, likes, shares, and backlinks, resulting in more traffic to one’s company website. Evaluating which users are primarily viewing one’s website, social media platforms, and targeted search traffic. This will help the organization to better determine the audience demographics, interests, locations, habits and desires. It will help an organization to refine the customer segments to more effectively serve highly valuable content the consumer’s will engage with. (ClearVoice)


Define Your Content Marketing Goal 

Once an organization has a better understanding of their true audience, one can then compile a more tactical content marketing strategy. First, what is important to one’s target market and what information should they know about the organization? How will one measure the success of this content; click-through traffic, conversions, downloads? Content that drives consumer excitement not only provides increased retention but also attracts new customers. Once an organization can define the content marketing goals, it’s easier to create compelling content and implement the necessary tracking.


Pick the Right Topic 

Content marketing strategy involves tactical creativity by driving product awareness. Connect with one’s audience through innovative educational concepts,  providing solutions to an organization’s target market’s problems. Select the right topic – one which is engaging and relevant as this will increase one’s blog’s traffic. In order to select the right topic, look at what the ideal audience is talking about and what keywords one would need to target, based on volume. A simple Google search can reveal several different tools available online to assist with an organization’s efforts in gathering this data.  In addition, one should map out the channels and results that are expect from each piece of content. Understand where the organization is in the customer journey and what type of content will resonate with the audience to help the company to meet their objectives.


Decide the Format of Content You Want to Produce  

There is quite an assortment to choose from and it’s important to know which type of format will be the most influential to one’s client base. This includes: blog posts, videos, podcasts, interviews, etc.

Qualities in any format of content an organization chooses should incorporate: 

1.Emotion: What emotion do you want it to evoke in people? Great content anticipates the intent of their prospect and builds content around that interest.

2.Change: What change is your product or content providing?  Understand your customer’s problems and structure your content around how your product or service can remedy this issue.

3.Alert: Once you have secured a new client, how do you tell them when you have something new? How do you increase customer value and purchase frequency? Simplify the purchase process: auto-refills, monthly newsletters with new products with clickthrough links embedded in the newsletter.

4.Share: How will you ensure people inform one another? Consistent and provoking content is key when initially soliciting a new target market. Once a client is established, it is essential to ensure your product or service continues to provide the value initially promised. These clients will then become advocates for your business, thus, increasing potential referral opportunities.


Use Social Media to Promote Your Content  

Social media is an indispensable business driver for reaching multiple target markets and earning the attention of one’s audience. It is important to familiarize one’s self with the various types of social media platforms available, choose which will be most compelling to the target audience, and generate platform-specific content. Produce content that generates leads by creating desirable and informative postings to stay congruent with one’s target customer. Commit to sharing the content, respond to user questions in a timely manner, and address customer problems immediately. This will further demonstrate the company’s commitment to client satisfaction and enhance the value of one’s product or service.


Set Performance Metrics Beforehand 

In order to understand which marketing strategies were successful, it is important to create performance metrics which one will measure the content marketing tactics utilized. If a company were to reach a certain number of page views, e-mail sign ups or clickthrough’s on landing pages, set a benchmark to determine an organization’s success. What is happening in Google Analytics or Facebook now? What is industry standard and considered exceptional for this type of campaign on content? Continue to review these metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so to better fine-tune one’s strategy accordingly.  (Digitalmarketer)


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You should start optimizing your marketing content with a focal point on your target audiences’ interests and what truly engages them. The sooner you do, the sooner you will start to see increased consumer retention and enhanced revenue streams.


Connect with a CMT content marketing expert today to strategize a consistent high impact content marketing campaign for your brand.

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