Benefits of Facebook Advertising

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Benefits of Facebook Advertising



There are several efficient and savvy avenues to utilize Facebook advertising your business. This will further enhance the your online presence and engage the primary target audience. One of the most effective forms of advertising with dynamic content marketing is through Facebook advertisement.


Essential Components of Facebook Advertising Addressed:

  • Various target demographic opportunities uncovered
  • Cost effective digital marketing solutions
  • Increase consumer traffic by driving product awareness
  • Gain exposure from a comprehensive audience with inspiring content
  • How to increase your SEO rankings through social signals
  • Strategize your paid advertising campaigns with organic Facebook content
  • Learn how to immediately pivot content ads to gain more conversions


Here are some of the benefits of Facebook advertising:

Targeted types of advertising

Facebook reaches your exact audience and even enables companies to discover new target markets. Companies can learn specific targeted group information pertaining to their consumers: including age, behavior, location and interests. A variety of demographics can be reached since Facebook has universal appeal. There are countless opportunities to reach your current customer base, but also potential consumers that would be interested in your products and services.

Facebook Audience and marketing

Your customers spend a lot of time on the Facebook

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is utilized by a majority of consumers that use the internet. Users already have the application downloaded on their phones, which further enable the your audience to regularly review postings throughout the day. (Facebook) Facebook has incorporated a notification system for their users are “following” organizations and groups. The target audience will then receive a notification on their phone when you submit a posting through Facebook. This enables an organization’s advertising, promotions, or marketing submissions to reach consumers in a fast and timely fashion. The sooner this occurs, the more likely the user will be to review the content and engage with the posting. Since a majority of target audiences are utilizing Facebook; this is a great avenue to provide content to reach more audiences.


It the cheapest form of advertising

The traditional methods of advertising include television commercials, radio advertisements, or billboards. However, these tend to be extremely expensive and may not even necessarily reach the audience. This is because these mediums are produced throughout the day and the audience may not be watching television or listening to the radio. If this is the cast, then they would have completely of missed the advertisement altogether. This is why Facebook provides an affordable and time effective option for companies. You have the ability to submit postings to the target markets, at a minimal cost, typically between $1- $5 each, to further increase visibility. (Facebook)

Marketing and online exposure

It is Fast

Today, people expect immediacy; especially when it come so to the internet or online applications. However, Facebook enables organizations to use this to their advantage. Companies can submit a posting, video interview, or marketing article and it will immediately be posted within a matter of seconds. This allows companies to create time sensitive submissions through audience focused promotions. These results have the ability to reach thousands of potential customers in the matter of hours.


It increases website traffic

Facebook enables you to create consumer specific content and include the website within the online posting, which increases website traffic. By creating effective and compelling content you can more easily capture the attention of the ideal consumer. This type of advertising is more focused and effective in soliciting potential customers than most other advertising mediums. Facebook enables companies to increase the levels of consumer traffic by driving product awareness.


It increases sales, revenue, and leads

Facebook creates a seamless process for an organization’s potential consumer. The customer has had the opportunity learn more about the organization from the posting, which leads the user to your website. Once the potential consumer has reached your website, they are then able to learn more about the various products or services offered. By streamlining their purchasing process, this in turn creates further value for the consumer.

Having a larger audience; companies have the unique opportunity to generate new lead development. Companies can then solicit new consumers which then serves to further drive sales and revenue opportunity. Facebook has such an extensive reach to all varieties of demographics, thus, aiding companies in uncovering new market audiences.


It Increases your customer attribution

Attribution refers to the number of times the target audience sees your brand. Therefore, the more interaction with the company brand, the more your customers will be drawn towards it. Essentially, Facebook helps companies to increase various touch points with the ideal audience which leads to more conversions in the future. Facebook can be utilized to gain increased exposure for your blog to a more comprehensive audience. This will further enable you to gain more trust and creditability with your ideal audience. (Lyfemarketing) Moreover, Facebook enables you to focus on specific audience content to encourage users to take valuable action in the subscribe process. They can procure a customer’s payment information or make a purchase because of a new incentive or free trial offered. This allows you to utilize Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions. (Facebook)

Consumer engagement Facebook marketing

It builds engagement

One of the most important factors is that Facebook advertising increases engagement with your target audience. It is essential to thoroughly research what your ideal audience is reviewing each day. These would include: what posts are receiving the most engagements, what are the captions, and what the calls to actions that are being utilized?

Additionally, it is important to view the brands your ideal audience might follow that aren’t competitors. Look at brands that you would want to associate with as they can be influencers in your industry. This information can then be utilized for content inspiration. Fundamentally, Facebook engagements include likes, interactions and comments on an organization’s advertisements.By generating compelling content that is audience focused will create value for the organization’s target market. (Digitalmarketer)


It can increase your SEO rankings

Search engines rely mainly on social signals to rank websites. These social signals include the activity on your social media content. When your audience is engaged through the content produced, they in turn will like, share, and comment on your Facebook postings. Since each Facebook user has hundreds, sometimes thousands of contacts, this creates further opportunity. Therefore, your initial posting to be viewed by countless potential consumers. Facebook advertising helps further increase social signals which indirectly affect a company’s SEO rankings. (Lyfemarketing)


It can lower your cost per acquisition

Facebook ads decreases your expenses, since it is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing mediums available. By utilizing Facebook, organic content can help your paid advertisements, which can be run together. This also enables you to reduce more expensive advertising campaigns that may not have produced the initially expected ROI. (Digitalmarketer)


It is in real-time

One aspect of Facebook ads is a great digital marketing medium to quickly advance your goals and online solicitations is that it works in real-time. This then enables you to view the campaign instantaneously. If a marketing executive or content writer is unhappy with a posting, changes or alterations to the posting can be made immediately. This option is not possible with many other mediums of advertising.

For example, if you were to invest in television ads, print media, or radio ads then once the ad is run it cannot be changed. This is where Facebook truly differentiates itself from other mediums since a company can quickly pivot their technique if initially found to be ineffective or adjust the content to gain more conversions. (Lyfemarketing)


It can drive repeat business

Facebook ads can lead to repeat business from various market segments who have made prior purchases from your organization. Using the audience feature on the application, you can import customer emails directly into the Facebook advertising campaign. This will then enable you to indirectly advertise to those target market segments that are most likely to make future purchases from your company. (Lyfemarketing)



Understanding the benefits of Facebook will enable companies to implement productive marketing strategies, at a minimal cost, to further engage the ideal audience. Connect with your CMT social media marketing specialist to work with you to uncover new consumer markets and to increase future business opportunities.


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